You may have heard the phrase "It's all about the experience" with relation to wine. But in reality, the industry is built on pushing brands. This means that the experience part is left to chance that somewhere between the space and the wine, customers will create their own experience from what is offered. Many do but just as many walk away saying "What was the point?"

At Vine Graft, we are committed to closing that gap between wine, space and experience. Our mission, simply put, is to empower connections through wine engagement. We design our wine activities to ignite or foster important team building ideas that need to be explored.

As Wine Event Creators, we believe that

   - Every person can and should "own" their palate and that we should help them do so wherever possible.

   - It is possible to create a unique experience for every customer.

   - We can change the way that people engage with wine and with each other through wine.

   - What we have learned about wine must be shared without prejudice to everyone who has an interest.

   - Wine is universal in nature and reflects life in many forms.

Our personal goal is to guide you toward the wine activity that suits your needs, while exposing you to lesser-known local and urban wineries.

In the way that one vine is particularly grafted onto another in order to create something stronger and more integrated, the activities we offer at Vine Graft promise to bring your guests together in a similar way, bridging and building connections while strengthening personal palates.

Explore our wine activities to begin building your own personally-crafted wine experience!


David Frazier & Karen Hannah

Founders, Vine Graft


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