Avoid venue fees and transportation costs by letting Vine Graft come to you. Be it your office, a hotel suite, your residential unit, or your own home, let us design an intimate wine experience that utilizes your space in new and unexpected ways. 


There are a lot of reasons to get together as a team and connect on a different level. Have you ever thought about doing more work family get-togethers but time, cost and the logistics of meeting outside the office space prevented you from doing so? 

Consider that under-utilized meeting room or a nice courtyard that is only occasionally used at your facility that you've been wanting to re-purpose for a gathering. 

Now imagine how that space will continue to be seen as one that brings people together and what that can do for company morale.

At Vine Graft, we combine team building ideas with wine activities so that you can connect through a shared experience in a more convenient and economical way.


You have a great space that is uniquely yours! Let us collaborate with you to incorporate a special wine experience into your next home gathering.

We will be happy to set up a visit in your home to discuss what we can offer in your space and how we can add to your vision for your special occasion.

We love working with other professionals, so if you have a caterer or an event planner that you would like us to coordinate with, we will be glad to. 

At Vine Graft, our goal is for your guests to leave talking about their experience as unforgettable.


Residential complexes offer an array of activities for residents to enjoy while getting to know their neighbors.

Many have world class shared spaces that befit the setting and can create the perfect ambiance for a unique wine experience.

Whether you are a residential concierge or are hosting a private party, Vine Graft is ready to bring an innovative and highly personalized wine experience to your building.


Are you planning a large meeting for your company or organization at a local hotel?

Is it one of those meetings where you would love to be able to break away for an afternoon but time just won't permit?

Hotel beverage catering is nice but generally holds the same set up in almost every hotel in North America. Let Vine Graft create something interactive and entertaining for your evening refreshment break before dinner.

We will be happy to work with the hotel staff to set everything up.

As Wine Event Creators, we want your experience to happen in a place that feels personal. This is why we've partnered with a number of venues that offer that "home away from home" feeling, with unique atmospheres that are every bit comfortable as they are eclectic.


Graft a large-scale wine activity like Blend & Bottle or Top Pairing with the urban winery environment of this space that is perfect for accommodating those larger groups. 

If you have a small intimate gathering and would love to graft a personal culinary experience with food and wine, this historical space will make for an unforgettable food and wine experience for your group.

Explore grafting interactive wine and dining with chef-inspired small plates at this revamped Victorian house that truly offers guests a home away from home.

Graft a wine experience in a space that shakes hands with savvy rustic-modern architecture. Perfect for competitive, interactive team-building activities. 

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