Whether you are new to exploring wine or have been tasting for years, Vine Graft can build and present a provocatively unique wine activity that is tuned in to your needs when it comes to team building ideas. Our introductory wine experience can be geared toward the novice or focused on exploring the nuances of a particular varietal, appellation, region or winemaking technique. Our "high touch" approach means that we will find the wine experience that best fits your needs. And remember, Vine Graft is unique in that we offer to come to your space or are able to suggest one of our off-site venues we partner with to give you that at-home feeling.

CUSTOMIZED WINE FLIGHTS  Imagine having a flight devoted to off-the-radar local wine from lesser known wine regions, or a flight that keeps you close to home in terms of exploring urban producers. Explore a single varietal or even spice things up by creating a food and wine pairing flight. We'll help you build a flight that will please and amaze the palate of everyone in your communal group or at your family table. 

$ 15 / person (*plus wine cost)

MEETING YOUR PALATE  Feel in the dark about your palate? In this hands-on wine activity, you will smell and taste aromas and flavors classic to certain grape varietals all while being blindfolded! The power of suggestion has never been so much fun as you attempt to learn about your palate through the power of sense.

$ 25 / person (*plus wine cost)

TOP PAIRING!  Have fears about pairing food with wine? Conquer them in this activity when your creativity and palate are put to the test as you learn to pair several food items to make small dishes that will go with a certain wine you are given to work with. Explore grape varietals and what works and doesn’t work in this ultimate food and wine activity!

$ 200 / table (*plus wine cost) 6 persons / table ($50 / person over 6 people at a table). Please allow 2 hours for this activity.

MAP YOUR PALATE  How do you know if that wine you are enjoying is from the place you think it's from or if it's from a nearby vineyard, a different state, or even another country? In this activity, you will be given clues about the geography and the common flavors that these places elicit in a wine helping you to pin the taste to the place, on a map no less! Take a different route into your palate and learn about where your sense of taste can take you!

$ 30 / person (*plus wine cost)

PAINT & PALATE  Many wine and art experiences are fun as a social activity but rarely do they serve as a tool towards connectivity. In this activity, you will have the opportunity to use the wine that is being consumed as a platform to work through a life event, project or goal that is specific and current to the lives of you, your co-workers or friends. Specially-designed wine prompts will help you transfer what you are experiencing on your palate into an original work that is unique to this experience. Discover interconnection through this shared activity.  

$ 60 / person (*plus wine cost) Please allow at least 2 hours for this activity.  

BLEND & BOTTLE  Step into the shoes of a winemaker and discover what it takes to make a balanced wine and how to market it! In this activity, you will work together to conduct hands-on blending trials, design a label for your wine, and submit your bottle to see if yours will be selected as the winning blend!  

$ 75 / person (*plus wine cost) Please allow 2.5 hours for this activity.


Charcuterie Board (Artisan cheeses, meats, nuts, olives and dried fruit)  $ 17 / person  

Chocolate Pairing (San Francisco chocolatiers)  $ 12 / person

Custom-blended bottles (from Blend & Bottle) $ 45 / bottle (+ shipping)

*The above pricing is representative of the basic level of service for each Vine Graft activity listed. Depending on your preferences, customization and special requests, additional costs may apply. The cost of your wine is variable depending on the selection agreed upon prior to the event. However, you will always receive a quote that outlines your selected wine program, the features/services for your experience and any subsequent pricing.


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