Grafting Experiences Together

Wine is the vehicle to connectivity. At Vine Graft, we take that a step further by coming directly to you to deliver the personally-crafted wine experiences that you've selected, transforming spaces and bringing "local" into your hands. After you peruse our options, be sure to fill out the Event Inquiry form below. Together, we'll build a wine experience that fits the space, the wine you love, and the activity you want to explore that wine through with others.



As a wine-based experiential business, Vine Graft is unique in that we offer to either come to you or to bring you to a space that will feel like a second home. Explore types of spaces and discover the one that best benefits you.


With so many wineries in California, not to mention the growing number of wineries across the United States, it can be somewhat overwhelming to figure out where to begin to discover those local or urban wineries that are close to home but lesser known. As Wine Event Creators at Vine Graft, we seek out and bring these wineries and their stories to you, helping the winery to stand out while appealing to your palate. We know that for your experience, you will want to select wine according to the area and the varietal first and foremost, and so we make it simple to navigate through our local wine offerings.


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Our wine activities are uniquely designed to connect you to a particular space, co-workers, friends or family in a communal and familial way that is authentic. It is at the core of Vine Graft to work with you using a very personalized approach to help you learn about what our interactive activities can offer, as we understand that each client's needs and interests will vary. We also extend our relationships with the wineries we support to you so that you can stay connected with your wine experience long after it's over.

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