FOR our wine PRODUCERs

Please note that we are not distributors, brokers or retailers. In fact, in order to be ABC-compliant in delivering service to our customers, we must maintain complete separation from wine transactions for all Vine Graft events.

The actual purchase of the wine is performed direct to consumer through our distributor partner who has the proper permit to sell directly to our customers. This is a direct pass-through performed at customary rates for distributors/brokers. 

The greatest reason for going through our partner is to have a single convenient transaction to our customers for the wine used in their event. The wine is the property of our clients the minute the order is filled and is not used for any purpose other than the execution of their event. 

Vine Graft seeks to connect your label and its story to our customers in a way that will promote discovery and direct future business to your label.  

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