At Vine Graft, we believe in developing ideas for team building activities based on your needs. To achieve this, we provide a variety of services involving wine activities for the corporate client that range from Social Activities to Team Building to Training Activities. If you need additional information on activities for your next event, be sure to check out our other Wine Activities available to our clients, all of which can be customized to fit your needs. 

Human Resources

As a manager of HR we understand that some of your biggest challenges with Employee Engagement revolve around inspiring greater project efficiency, implementing effective communication, and ensuring that team members feel heard and needed. 

How Vine Graft Can Transform Your Need into an Experience

Let's say you are charged with developing a meeting or event that discusses Leadership Development. At Vine Graft, we could combine this topic with one of our activities such as an interactive, role-playing Be a Wine Shop Owner experience or a Wine Bottle Label Design activity, both of which will help your team explore leadership development from new angles.

Sales Managers

We recognize that as a Sales Manager, you are challenged with keeping your inside and outside sales staff sharp and focused on revenue-generating activities. We also understand that you seek to develop within your staff skills such as probing, handling objections, clarifying and confirming - all with an emphasis on direct communication.

How Vine Graft Can Transform Your Need into an Experience

One of the things we love to do at Vine Graft is to create wine experiences with role playing techniques to help reinforce the message that creative Sales Managers need to get across to their staff such as Somm for a Day, where participants actually serve wine with charm and professionalism to "customers" (managers and peers) with the goal of figuring out what their customers truly want.

Meeting & Event Planners

We know that as a Meeting or Event Planner, you strive to create one-of-a-kind events for your clients. At Vine Graft, we work to support all the credit that you so rightfully deserve from your clients by offering to help personalize your event by way of integrating a pressing company goal or company core value. 

How Vine Graft Can Transform Your Need into an Experience

Perhaps you are faced with the task of creating an event centered around celebrating Employee Recognition. Consider Rate My Wine, a Vine Graft activity where participants get to assign scores to wines as they feel best fits certain categories of leadership. 


The biggest challenge of every recruiter is to attract the right talent. We know you are faced with a lot of routine in order to narrow down that list of prospective candidates. Finding fresh approaches to making the ultimate hiring decision are often hard to come by.

How Vine Graft Can Transform Your Need into an Experience

Utilizing a good team building activity can be key to helping you make that hiring decision. Our team building wine activities can get you there, such as Bottoms Up, an activity where the roles are reversed and candidates assume the position of the hiring manager and vice versa, affording all participants the chance to explore and truly understand a vetted candidate's capacity to engage, lead, create, and think on their feet.



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